B Relaxed Massage

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Lisa! Thank you so much for the AWESOME massage! You found sore muscles I didn't even know I had! I feel so refreshed and relaxed. What a great experience to have! I will definitely be back! – Courtney

Lisa, WOW - what an awesome massage. I so much enjoyed it and was so relaxed! I have been dealing with daily headaches for a very long time now. After your massage on Saturday I actually was headache free Saturday and Sunday! Thank you very much!! -Dee

Muscle aches have gone away. Lisa worked wonders. Also greatly improved the inflamed tendon in my ankle. –Larry

Lisa, I absolutely loved my massage. It was FABULOUS! Hopefully I can come in again soon. Fingers crossed for around Christmas! – Lizzi

Lisa! Lisa! Lisa! the combination of massage and cupping was OOOH LAAA LAA SO FANTASTIC, AMAZING, AND quite DELIGHTFUL TO SAY THE LEAST. – Paula

I had facial cupping done today and it was amazing.  It was very relaxing.  Thank you Lisa.  I will do it again for sure.  -Cheryl

Lisa provided me with a much needed massage. Her calming demeanor and therapeutic massage made the experience wonderful. –Patricia

Thanks, Lisa, for the wonderful massage last Friday! I was very pleased with how it improved the mobility in my neck and back. -Alli